My Story

Sunshine and Star was started in 2015 shortly after my son Darren was born sleeping. Originally it was for selling crocheted items to raise funds for my local bereavement suite at the maternity unit.  The name was created to represent my son and his older sister Evie (A child born before babyloss is refered to as a sunshine).  Since then my rainbow Olivia was born, I have thought about changing the name to include her but I cant find it in me to change it. Instead every item of clothing is made with rainbow thread.


The clothing was something that took me by surprise, I used my time on maternity to learn to sew, and it was only intended to be for my own children.  It wasnt long before people wanted to buy my clothing and I found it really helped me mentally through some tough adjustments that comes with raising children after loss. 

In 2021 I found myself redundant from my day job and I decided to invest some money into extending my skills and thats where the vinyl and sublimation printing came to life. 

I really enjoying making things, I love seeing the finished product and I love even more seeing my clothes being worn. 

I appreciate every single order.

Thank you for supporting my business

Abi x